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Dear Home Business Builder...


From the home office of Jay Kanik,


I wanted to let you in on a unique (and underused) method of making money from most fundamentals this concept isn't new, but it is helping many people who have Never made any Money from home before make it BIG.


We had to call it something that explains what this is all about: My Mailbox Income, and no, it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with sending out postcards! It simply refers to the fact that we get money delivered to our mailbox month after month, year after year...even if we don't go to work tomorrow, we can still get paid.


This is a MAJOR dream for a lot of folks on and off the internet right now. How can we live the lifestyle of our dreams, but not work like dogs till we are too old to really enjoy it all?


Well, You Can Make Money With This System!

It absolutely does NOT matter:

* If you have never personally enrolled someone
* If you have NO internet skills
* If you have NO sales skills
* If you have NO warm market
* If you hate 'cold calling'
* If you have a full time job
* If you have 8 screaming kids
* If you have a full time job AND 8 screaming kids!


This Will Work For You!


And Best Of All, You Can Get Started FOR FREE.


This is PERFECT for people looking to make money online, but who have never been able to before...or for someone who is just starting out, we take you step by step on a journey towards your ultimate success.


If you've ever caught yourself asking: "How Can I Make Money From Home!?!" This is for you. is for people looking to make a change...who know the best way to become successful is to follow what successful people do, use a simple system, and learn from someone who is STILL actively building their business so they know what it's like 'in the trenches' and can give you real strategies that are working Right NOW.


You Will See We Are Putting The Fun
AND Money
Into Home Business...


I know you're thinking that there HAS to be a catch...OF COURSE THERE IS!


You have to do the work. That's the catch. You'd be surprised how many people WANT to make money online but DON'T want to do the work. They think, just because they joined a business, hundred dollar bills FALL FROM THE SKY!!! So if you are one of those people...this is NOT for you.


The only way you CAN'T make money, with this system, and my if you don't take action! A terrible thing happens when you don't take action...NOTHING! So Why Not Take Some Action...


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